Saturday, January 15, 2011

I was diagnosed with autism right before I turned 2 years old. I only wanted to push my pretend play shopping cart over and over in circles again. My brain did not want to turn left out of the driveway so when my mom and I took walks, we had to go right only. When my babysitter came, she peeled an orange for me....I didn't like the way she peeled it so I screamed until she did it the right way. I loved watching trains because I was so interested in watching the wheels spin. I could not talk so I would scream and cry in frustration as no one knew what I wanted. I could hear planes go by way before they passed our house. I didn't like to have my shoes on so my feet would get cuts from walking on the hot pavement, but I didn't feel the pain. At only 2 years old, I could recite twinkle twinkle little star and the alphabet.

I was lucky to have therapists come to my house to work with me 35 hours a week. Now I can talk, I have friends, I can do do schoolwork, play sports, write in cursive. Last year, I even testified to the Missouri House of Representatives to help get the Autism Insurance legislation bill passed. I still have a difficult time reading, organizing my thoughts, and understanding typical peers social behaviors including my younger brother. You can watch my tube video on this blog. My mom and I are working on this blog together to help other families, and spread awareness about autism. Hope you enjoyed our first attempt at blogging together:-)


  1. I am proud of you for starting this blog to tell the world about all of the wonderful things that you can do! You are an amazing young man.

  2. Seamus,

    I'm looking forward to reading more!

  3. Seamus,

    Thank you for teaching us all more about autism. You are a kind and awesome young man! Keep up the good work.

    Mr. Pat

  4. Seamus,
    You did a great job with the writing and the feelings behind the writing. Your positive attitude is going to help many kids.
    J. Zapf