Wednesday, June 22, 2011

going to a new school called Westminister

I am going to a new school next year called Westminister. I'm scared but I know I will do good there. because I have come so far because of my famliy. I will be freinds with some of the kids because my family already knows some kids going into my grade. It will be hard still but I can do it. Bcause of my family. I notice that it will be a lot harder to make freinds and speak with other kid. also it will be hard to deal with there jokes but I can do it. Jokes are hard to take because it's hard for me to understand them.

This week I am going to a baseball camp with some of the kids at my new school. It's fun, but when I first got there it was hard to make friends.

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  1. Seamus, we know you'll do great at Westminster because you have a lot of support from your mom, dad and friends. You will be missed at Miriam. Derek has enjoyed having you as a friend and classmate. I know you'll find some great new friends at your new school. We will keep in touch with you and find times where you and Derek and other friends can visit and stay connected. The future is bright, Seamus!! Blessings to you and your family!